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The Open Date allows you to purchase your tickets for a probable date therefore a non-definitive date. This means that until you confirm or change the date, we cannot issue your tickets. Once tickets have been issued, it is no longer possible to change the date. With this in mind, please select the Open Date option only if it is really necessary.

Purchase of entrance tickets 1

There are 57 types of entrance tickets. 1 type of ticket is valid for a particular type of service, a specific entry time and a given date (more information). Here on Step 1 you must indicate the different tickets you want for all participants. For example Machu Picchu on day 1 and Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu on day 2. In this case, please use the Add a date/timetable button. In step 2 you will indicate the number of visitors. All visitors will have the same tickets you choose here.

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For practical reasons, we don't accept purchases for visits before June 15.
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